Body Massage

Your Sanctuary Body Massages are second to none.

A Full Body Massage can serve many purposes such as relaxation, revitalisation and rejuvenation, injury and post surgery rehabilitation and improving general fitness. More than just a luxurious pampering session, the healing properties of a full body massage are well documented. Massages provide many health and holistic benefits including:

  • creating a feeling of wellbeing and pleasure;
  • providing nourishment for the body;
  • reducing stress and tension;
  • soothing and relaxing nerves;
  • relieving joints and muscle pain;
  • increasing blood flow, circulation and the flow of the lymph system;
  • improving immune systems;
  • increasing muscle strength and flexibility;
  • alleviating insomnia and sleeping disorders.


A full body massage technique involves a sequence of movements working superficially and deeper into the tissue layers to promote deep relaxation of all areas of the body including the back, neck, head, stomach, legs and feet. As well as full body massages, our massage therapists are fully trained in the art of relaxation, aromatherapy and sports massage.

Select from our unique range of massages including full body massages using a blend of essential oils:

Remedial Massage 1 hour $195
Deep Tissue Massage 1 hour $195
Cleansing Back Massage ** 1 hour $205
Body Massage 1 hour $150
Back Massage 1/2 hour $95
Foot Massage 1/2 hour $95
Scalp Massage 1/2 hour $95
Pregnancy Massage 1/2 hour $95
Pregnancy Massage 1 hour $150


** This treatment will consist of a 1/2 hour luxurious back massage, hot salt scrub exfoliation and detoxifying masque application covering the entire area of the back, followed by an application of ‘oil free moisturizer’. A great treatment for those clients who have an acne or congested back area.

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