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Doing Facial at Home by Yourself

There are times when you are running late for an event and don’t have time to go to a spa for facial. There is no denying to the fact that professional facial clinic is always a better place to get the best facial, but with our quick guide, you can do facial at home by yourself too. During those emergency moments, you can save your time by eliminating the need of going to a facial clinic if you know how to do your facial at home and that too, all by yourself.

Let’s check some easy ways to do facial at home by yourself. Follow these quick steps for a pleasant facial.

You would require the following items for facial at home:

-Smooth and Gentle Facial Cleanser
-Scrub (Exfoliating)
-Piece of Washcloth
-Mask (Clay, Cream or Gel-based)

Steps for Home Facial:

1. Cleaning

Clean your face completely. Remove any makeup that you applied previously. Now wash your face, neck region and ears with a quality cleanser that is gentle on your skin. By doing this, you are all prepared for the next steps. Don’t do it hastily, the time you spend on cleansing are completely worth all effort. You would get a professional like makeup at the convenience of your home. Proper skin cleansing helps in cleaning debris from pores to prevent dirt buildup, oil, grease.


2. Exfoliate

The second step is exfoliation. With the help of your fingers, lightly rub exfoliating facial scrub gently in small circular motions all across your face and also ensure you focus on the area around your nose and forehead.  An important thing that you should keep in mind is that if there are some areas of your skin that are oily and the others dry then use the scrub and cream accordingly for best results. Exfoliation ensures pores are clean and dead skin cells are scrubbed off.


3. Steam

Steam helps in increasing blood circulation, better product absorption, and skin toxin cleaning. Steaming is one of the safest processes for removing blackheads and dirt.


Take a bowl full of warm water and soak a towel in it. Wrap that town on your face and repeat it 2-3 times for best results.


4. Face Mask

Use a face mask according to the skin type. If you are someone with oily skin use a clay mask, and if you have dry skin, then use a gel or smooth cream that suits your skin. It is essential to use a face mask according to your skin type; you may face problems and discomfort if the face mask is not akin to your skin.


5. Moisturize

Final and the most significant step is moisturizing skin properly. Moisturizer gives your face an additional layer of protection and helps in treating acne. A well-moisturized skin shows fewer wrinkles and also helps in slowing down the aging of the skin. Hydrated skin holds makeup smoothly, and your makeup also looks better. Wait 5 minutes before applying foundation so that skin can moisten up properly.

Now you can do facial at home by yourself!

With these simple steps, you can do satisfying facial at home by yourself. But don’t expect it to be a replacement of professional facial. Professional facial at the spa includes processes which are hard to do at home by yourself. Professionals have skills which are hard to develop and they know different treatment methods depending on your need and skin type.

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